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Hermann Nitsch - The Movie
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Hermann Nitsch The movie a documentary by Daniela Ambrosoli
'The encounter with Hermann Nitsch and his work (a real shock) have stimulated my curiosity to find out what kind of man hides behind the renowned founder of Viennese Actionism. Hence the need to shoot a documentary about the human being and his work to find an answer to this query.'
Daniela Ambrosoli, daughter of the German dancer Sonja Bragowa and the Italian trader Pierino Ambrosoli was born in Ascona, Switzerland. After attending high school in Ascona and Locarno she studies and works in the fields of psychology and medicine in Florence, Zürich and Geneva. With the birth of her first two children and the premature death of her father her life changes dramatically. She learns management and takes over many of the firms created by her father, such as Camping Delta and Ambrosoli Real Estate in Locarno. In 1990 she founds the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation to help the education of art students worldwide, with a special regard to dance and music. In the following years Daniela Ambrosoli takes part in numerous executive boards of International associations working with dance, music and humanitarian issues. She starts Travel & Culture Management in Zürich in 1999. Through her daughter Shari Yantra Marcacci, screenwriter and director, and her son Aliocha Merker, photographer and cameraman, she has been closely related to the movie industry for years. She has worked on documentaries for several productions, between others: 'La Depressione, un male oscuro' (2004), 'Sul corpo e nel cuore' (2007), 'In un corpo sbagliato' and 'Madri figlicide' (2010), 'L'ultimo viaggio' (2013), 'I sopravvissuti' (2014) and 'Il sogno di Hans' (2015) all directed by Renato Pugina and produced by the Swiss National Television, as assistant director and production manager. As co-director she realised with Renato Pugina 'Per Amor di Dio' (2011) for the Swiss Television, RSI. 'HN Hermann Nitsch' marks her debut as director.